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Fluorine with the barrel pump

In order to adapt to the increasingly complex freon refrigeration system, the widespread use of ammonia system pump for liquidflooded evaporator introduced Freon system, fluorine flooded evaporation system in the field of central air conditioning application is relatively perfect, it is understood, fluorine flooded evaporation cooling technology in engineering technology has been very mature, but to cut a striking figure in the freezer refrigeration industry.

No matter in saving energy and reducing consumption in cold storage, large-scale, enhancing energy efficiency, complexity, and it can meet the demand, especially in terms of energy. The evaporator has high evaporation heat transfer efficiency, good cooling effect: the amount of evaporation amount of refrigerant circulation is several times in the evaporation amount of refrigerant circulation is several times in the evaporator that the evaporator has sufficient wetting surface. The heat transfer efficiency of the evaporator can play all of the evaporation area; a circulation flow state of refrigerant in the evaporator, gas flow at  the center, thereby strengthening the refrigerant and the pipe wall surface heat transfer conditions; moreover, due to the large amount of refrigerant evaporator tube wall erosion, the formation of oil film is not easy, the bottom is not easy accumulation of oil, thus so that the wall heat transfer coefficient can be improved.

In addition, can guarantee  the long distance for liquid: using mechanical action pump, can overcome the partial resistance loss in the system, the realization of long-distance liquid supply. The system is simple and reliable, convenient for centralized control and automation, operation condition of refrigeration compressor is improved: fluorine pump for liquid cooling system, a large fluctuationsin the Treasury of heat load, fluorine barrels of liquid surface is stable,  can maintain the normal operation of fluorine pump, without the need to adjust the regular work of the cooling load of the system, the adjustment can be completed in the refrigeration room, there is no need to frequently adjusting the valve at the same time is also relatively easy to realize the automation of refrigeration device in the warehouse. Convenient operation: liquid defrosting refrigerating device for fluorine pump, defrosting when the temperature of the refrigerant in the evaporator directly discharged to the fluorine in the bucket, participate in the system for the fluid, the system is simplified, the scene without manual operation.

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