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Air cooler

Cooling capacity of air cooler under different working conditions are different, the refrigerating capacity it not only with the inlet air temperature difference delta T1, relevant and refrgerant types, but also the air humidity and cold storage in the relevant, as for the inlet air temperature difference delta T1 air cooler, also relative humidity and cold storage in air cooler in related, therefore the actual use of the refrigerating capacity conditions often deviate from the nominal cooling capacity of Qon. it if in the actual use of refrigerating capacity under the condition of Q. Nominal cooling capacity and cooling fan for the Qon is selected as the relationship between the two:

Q0=CF*Qon, note Delta t1=t library ET, ET as the evaporation temperature

The DL series air cooling machine condition type correction coefficient CF and refrigerant, the relationship between inlet air temperature difference of T1 and temperature T library see table, air inlet temperature difference delta T1 in the table, the table on the right of figure that.

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