How to choose the refrigeration equipment you need.

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How to choose the refrigeration equipment you need

1. Air-cooled chiller. The air-cooled chiller contains a heat preservation water tank and a water pump inside, it does not need to add cooling water for heat dissipation, and it is very convenient to install and move. But its limitation is also very prominent: higher environmental requirements. Because the cooling principle of this chiller is hot air circulation, if an air-cooled chiller is installed in a factory workshop with poor ventilation, the cooling effect of the chiller will be greatly reduced. In addition, if you want to install a chiller in a "clean room" with humidity requirements, the editor recommends that you install a water-cooled chiller, because if you use an air-cooled chiller, it will spray water vapor on the top of the machine to achieve The purpose of heat dissipation.
2. Water-cooled chiller. There are three types of cold water chillers: open type, sealed type (box type) and screw type. The first thing to say is that in order to extract hot water to dissipate heat, water-cooled chillers need to be equipped with cooling towers and water pumps, so that it can have a better cooling effect.
As for the open-type chiller, another (not necessarily sealed) water tank needs to be installed. The reason why it does not need to be sealed is because it has a built-in water tank. The installation location of the open water cooler is generally outside the workshop, because although it is convenient for maintenance, it is not beautiful. As a result, a sealed water-cooled chiller was produced later. The sealed water-cooled chiller is more popular for its square appearance structure. But if the cooling capacity of this factory or workshop is very large, the editor recommends that you choose a screw-type chiller. It is generally called a chiller. The cooling capacity of the chiller is compared to the previous two single types. The chiller has been greatly improved, and this must be your best choice.
The application of water chiller has greatly improved the production efficiency of the modern mechanization of the factory and greatly improved the quality of people's production and life. Industrial chillers have the advantages of simple operation, reasonable design, and excellent quality. There are even hundreds of specifications, making them an indispensable friend of modern society.

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