Screw parallel unit

Screw parallel unit

To save investment, reduce one-time equipment investment, energy saving, according to the need to provide cooling capacity, more than 30% energy saving, single unit safety operation, remote monitoring, safety operation.

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The basic configuration

  • Unit framework
  • The compressor suction and exhaust valve
  • Oil system (oil heater, external oil separator, oil flow switch, oil solenoid valve, oil liquid mirror, oil filters, oil liquid mirror)
  • Electric control system (PLC control programming need user proposed)
  • Protection device (compressor of high and low voltage controller, system of high and low pressure controller, pressure difference controller, overload, phase lack, reverse phase, the oil temperature, overheating)
  • High voltage meter, low pressure gauge
  • Accumulator (with cut-off valve, liquid, liquid mirror filters)
  • Safety device (relief valve accumulator)
  • Low pressure sensor

Optional configuration

  • The high side pressure sensor
  • Liquid level switch
  • The gas-liquid separator
  • The exhaust side attachment (oil export valve, outlet check valve)
  • The suction side of accessories (suction branch valve, stop insulation cotton)
  • The liquid supply side attachment (liquid supply branch pipe valve, the liquid supply duct)
  • ECO economizer, oil cooler (low temperature condition required)
  • Pump system for compressor oil





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