Air cooled closed compressor condensing unit

Air cooled closed compressor condensing unit

Due to low temperature single stage screw compressor unit occur energy efficiency not high, the evaporation temperature range narrow such as imperfection when they are working in relatively low temperature, our company developed low temperature two-stage screw compressor unit to satisfy the low temperature quick-freeze tunnel and quick-frozen storages application.

The series has the following features:

1.  Selection of high performance semi-closed two-stage screw compressors, with high efficiency, low vibration and high reliability

2. The equivalent ratio, compared with single-stage compressors, energy efficiency can be increased by 50%, power-saving

3. Using a low evaporation temperature, using R22 low evaporating temperatures of up to -60℃, use R404A low evaporating temperatures of up to -65℃, more suitable for low temperature applications

4 .The machine adopts PLC control, can be adjusted according to cooling load changes to achieve multiple levels of energy, and reduce energy consumption

5. The unit has overheated, overload, phase sequence, circuit system, high and low voltage protection.

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